Wir bieten mit unseren Geschäftspartnern diverse Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten. Spezialisiert auf individuelle Unternehmens- und Spezialfinanzierung im In- und Ausland stehen unser Partner als Garant für fair Business und bringen nationale und internationale Projekte zu einem positiven Abschluss.


Unsere Partner bieten Ihnen:

  • Immobilienprojekte

  • Oil&Gas, Energie-Technologien

  • Reha,  Hotels / Seniorenwohnanlagen, Werke etc.

  • Geschäftserweiterung und -Expansion  
Für eine unverbindliche Anfrage* werden folgende Unterlagen unbedingt benötigt::
Anfragen bitte in englischer Ausfertigung.

   - CIS (Client Information Sheet,)
   - Passkopie oder Kopie ihres Personalausweises als Nachweis der Identität.
   - Projektbeschreibung ( z.B. Businessplan incl.Finanzplan, Rentabilitätsvorschau, oder Executive Summary etc.)
   - Angaben zur gewünschten Finanzierungshöhe / Laufzeit / Tilgung


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Our Partner has created and maintained a relationship with a specific capital source that is worldwide in scope that meets the demands of a changing world. We only work with this group, which also provides funding for private companies of medium to large organizations to major international institutions.

How to Qualify to get a $1,000,000 USD Non-Recourse Loan:

To qualify for this loan the lender requires that the borrower have at least $50,000 USD of the total investment/loan amount available in cash, provable via a POF (Proof of Funds) to show liquidity and to cover the out-of-pocket costs of processing the loan thru to funding, said costs to include the following needed costs for:

 Incorporation of an Hong Kong SPE with an Hong Kong Bank Account ($5,000.00 USD),

 Prepare a bankable Business Plan in English ($4,000.00 USD),

 Prepare a bankable short Feasibility Study in English ($6,000.00 USD),

 The Lender’s Due Diligence Fee ($5,000.00 USD),

 And the Closing Costs that will include the Legal Fees and the Cost of the Financial Guaranty Bond ($30,000.00 USD) to insure all parties against a possible default because this is a non-recourse loan.

Project finance usually involves an extensive process of detailed feasibility study, lender due diligence, intense negotiations and complicated financial model and security documentation. XT-Partner and Projects’ familiarity with this process ensures that our clients have the expert advice and support needed at every stage.

This support begins with helping clients express and quantify their business concept in a project package suitable for potential development and commercial lenders. Our established relationships and experience with such agencies allow us to structure and present each project so as to receive the most favorable treatment possible.

During the due diligence stage, XT-Partner assists clients with all aspects of lender communications and management including negotiating financing terms that are flexible, competitive and cost effective, and that minimize recourse to sponsors.

I hope that finds you well.