Private Placement Program (PPP)


Cash – Kapital


(BG`s, Prommisory Note, Bill of Exchange)

Medium Term Notes (MTN`s)




hierbei handelt es sich um Anlage-Geschäfte, die zu den Privatplazierungen gehören und sehr interessante Erträge erwirtschaften. Unsere Partner arbeiten nur mit offiziell genehmigten Programmen
Eine Aufstellung der erforderlichen Unterlagen und Dokumente, welche grundsätzlich im Vorfeld vom Interessenten/Investor bereitzustellen sind und ohne die eine Bearbeitung zwecks Teilnahme an einem Programm nicht möglich ist, finden Sie nachfolgend:


  • CIS (Client information sheet)

  • Board Resolution Letter oder Corporate Resolution (bei Firmen, Institutionen,etc.)

  • LOI (Letter of intend) to enter PPP

  • Passkopie des Investors oder bei einer Firma von allen Direktoren der Corporation

  • Authorization to verify the BG, MTN usw.

  • (Proof of funds-Kapitalnachweis) oder Kopie /Screen Shot von der BG, MTN, CMO etc.

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One of our partner company / platform exist 33 years and they are owner of the biggest, private PPP trading platform in Europe, based in London.

Their team consists of well-known and reputable, worldwide bankers and lawyers with years of great experience.

They trade and manage different assets of many influential and important European and other families as well as some African, Asian and other Government organizations.

The easiest and quickest way to start trading is with cash accounts by reputable banks. We also can use for trading Gems and Gold deposits, Bank Instruments, Heritage Funds etc.

Our home banks are HSBC London and LGT Liechtenstein. Of course we are working with all top rated banks in UK, Swiss, USA, HK, Singapore and other countries. 

To start trading we are obligated to present the CIS of the client with color pass copy – see attachment.

Second we need Bank Statement or Tear Sheet with new date if possible.

We start every time with bullet trade and after this the second step is normal trade.

The min amount could be 100M, the best results we will have with min 500M.

There is no exact description of different bullet programs.

The trading – bullet or normal is daily permanent job – co operation between us and the investor.

Our job is to find the right solution for every client / investor.

The most important is the funds to be in serious bank and to have the possibility to be in contact with owner and his bank officers.


For our trusted clients, partners and friends, we also offer many other financial and other solutions and services.