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By Knut 3 Jahren ago

Borrower’s Procedures – a Broker´s Fantasy

Okay this is going to be a very brief and straightforward post. Several times we receive email inquiries from supposed “borrowers and or brokers” trying to dictate a procedure for bank instrument transactions or loan.

More often than not, these so called “borrowers” are nothing more than unscrupulous intermediaries trying to get in the middle of a transaction by listing their “procedure”. I have yet to see a single bank or other reputable financial institution who will even consider looking at a customers “procedures”; that is just a broker’s fantasy. You either follow the lender’s procedures or you get nothing, that is the reality of the financial markets.
If a lender has not set procedures for loans or bank instruments, then most probably they are not a real lender, most probably they are just intermediaries sweeting your ear so you not go away until they find something close to what you as a borrower are looking for.
So if you are really looking for financing, BG or SBLC, instead of wasting time trying to impose your terms/procedure to loan lenders and bank instrument providers, try to see who is real and who is not, and then try to choose from them whatever is more convenient to you. No loan lender or bank instrument provider is going to do your procedure simply because you have been scammed before. Yes we get lost of stories like this: I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BEFORE, SO NOW IT IS GOING TO BE MY TERMS/PROCEDURE ONLY. Its sad you have been scammed and we are sorry about it, but hey no bank or genuine provider/lender is going to do your terms and procedures simply because you have been scammed. Ignorance is no excuse. You as the borrower has a need and so you cannot dictate terms. You simply cannot get anything out of a bank by trying to impose your conditions? The golden rule in lending is quite simple “He who has the gold, RULES!
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